Australian Study finds that 70% of all office workers have sitting induced low back pain

Australian study finds that 70% of all office workers experience low back pain, 80% neck and and shoulder pain.
Researcher, Karin Griffiths traces cause to lack of mobility and static sitting postures.
Modern ergonomic chair design has not solved this problem.
The percentage of office workers suffering from sitting increased low back pain has actually increased.
In addition to other problems, like reduced metabolism and stiffness in the lumbar region, static sitting postures can lead to the formation of “Muscle Knots” or trigger points, locations where the fascia are “glued ” together through collagen buildup.

CoreWerks chairs encourage movement and provide for an active dynamic sitting environment.
In addition to strengthening your core muscles and helping with sciatica and bulged discs, they prevent and “find” trigger points because the fascia are mobilized through movement.

In a CoreWerks chair you are in a state of continuous micro movements. Your fascia are moving with respect to each other. This movement will initially create pain at existing trigger points, because the movement will start to break up the “stuck” fascia. Experience has shown that sitting in a CoreWerks chair will resolve the trigger points within a couple of weeks time.
Especially trigger points in the pelvic crest region will get irritated initially.
A number of exercises in the CoreWerks Chair, that are on the CoreWerks website under the tab “Products”, will help you dissolve the trigger points. But please be aware that, like with all trigger point therapies, there is an initial increase in pain when you “break up the knot”.
Always remember that CoreWerks chairs are therapeutic devices disguised as chairs. They are designed to enhance your wellness while sitting.

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