Strengthen Your Core

Your body is constantly engaged while you sit. This perpetual input strengthens your core and the muscles around your spine.



While our ergonomically sound design promotes proper posture, the responsive platform trains and strengthens your body to support itself. 


Healthier Spine

Motion promotes a healthy spine. CoreWerks has helped slipped and herniated discs, sciatica, low back pain, and neuromuscular scoliosis. 


Increase Metabolism

The low grade physical activity, provided by CoreWerks, increases blood flow and nutrient distribution through out the body. 

Why CoreWerks Works

Freedom In Motion

CoreWerks chairs are founded on a platform which has a full range of motion, meaning that the platform you sit on pivots in every direction.


The mobility provided by our patented technology engages your body by providing constant input. While sitting, subconsciously, your body must maintain your balance on the seat. 

Why Not Just Do More Sit-Ups? 

The groups of core muscles being engaged through this low grade physical activity are much different than the heavy lifting muscles used in rigorous exercise. Your core muscles are responsible for maintaining your posture and balance. These are smaller, specialized groups which are not engaged when sitting in a traditional ergonomic chair. 

Engage Your Body

If you are sitting your core is starved of input. The finer muscles are not being used because the traditional ergonomic chair is maintaining your posture for you. These core muscles then start to atrophy. This atrophy is one of the primary causes of back pain and spinal problems. CoreWerks not only engages your body the entire time you sit but re trains the muscle groups and neurological sensory patterns required for sustained proper posture. 

Move More Do More

CoreWerks chairs are comfortable. Your body can shift and change position which eliminates uncomfortable pressure points. Now you are more productive with your time.