CoreWerks is all about spinal health. The primary way we help promote healthy spines is by strengthening cores. However there's a lot more to it than that. CoreWerks stimulates multiple input systems in order to engage your body. Here's what's happening. 

Research during the initial development of CoreWerks technology showed that it could also be used for the prevention and rehabilitation of long term sitting induced non-specific low back pain. As indicated in recent peer reviewed scientific research  non-specific low back pain is very often caused by a sedentary life style, depriving the central nervous system of the  sensory input required for maintaining a healthy posture. CoreWerks technology is designed to stimulate the desirable vestibular and spinal proprioceptive input to the central nervous system.

For the treatment of non-specific low back pain it has been shown that the isolated activation of the core muscles is key to the rehabilitation of the lower back. Isolated activation leads to the recall of healthy posture patterns, while large movements cause global activation including the large outer muscles and results in strengthening of the large outer muscles but continues to use the compensatory pain avoidance  patterns that had been established to protect the injured core and therefore continues to weaken the core.

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Clinical Science

Sensory Input And Lower Back Pain


CoreWerks technology is specifically designed to replicate the neuromuscular and sensory processing benefits of horseback riding therapy into everyday seating product. This system entices small balancing movements which stimulate the spinal proprioceptors and vestibular apparatus to provide the proper sensory input needed to assume a stable posture. 

Through the activation of these systems in our bodies CoreWerks technology effectively isolates core muscles in a way which can be maintained throughout the entire day. This helps prevent muscles strains while increasing blood flow around the spine, promoting disc health. 

The results of the initial developments showed that the benefits derived from the technology are immediate and proved that an external stimulus can be used to activate neuromuscular motor programs for proper posture independent of the severity of the underlying physiological condition.

Effective sensory input stimulation does not require large movements. Simple, small balancing movements are sufficient to stimulate the proper sensory input to the Central Nervous System. This sensory input, vestibular and proprioceptive, is fed to the Cerebellum and used for what is called Sensory Motor Integration and the associated processes of cognition and overall motor control. The type of patented  suspension used in CoreWerks technology to dampen the small balancing movements  is important for the efficacy of the technology.

A clinical ranging study with a person afflicted with low back pain showed that sitting in a CoreWerks technology enhanced chair  for 3 months resulted in a 50% increase in core strength, here especially the Lumbar Multifidus, and associated decrease in low back pain. The Lumbar Multifidus, interweaving the spine like a rope, is responsible for spinal stiffness. Lumbar Multifidus weakness or injury  has been traced as one of the most prominent reasons for low back pain.