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The Endeavor task chair is perfect for any multi-tasker. It's compact design adapts perfectly to just about any work environment. 

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CoreWerks mitigates the negative health effects that have been attributed to the lack of movement experienced when sitting in traditional ergonomic chairs


In an Endeavor Task Chair you exercise your core the entire time you sit. You reduce and prevent sitting-induced low back pain, eliminate stiffness, and have greater sitting endurance.


To stay healthy, we need to move. Humans are not designed to sit still or fully supported.


The CoreWerks Endeavor satisfies your need for movement. It follows you through your movements and encourages a healthy, active sitting posture, strengthening your core, enhancing your metabolism, and keeping you alert longer.


Sitting in a CoreWerks chair improves the health of your discs and the muscles surrounding your spine, individuals experiencing Sciatica have had their pain go away within a 2 week period.

The health benefits seen by users of the CoreWerks chair has led to endorsements by doctors and health professionals.


The CoreWerks patented mechanism is a paradigm shift in office seating technology. Controlled motion in the seat and back stimulates the proprioceptive and vestibular sensory inputs which are required to naturally stabilize your body. The resulting improvements in core health counteract back weakness caused by sitting in fully supported ergonomic office chairs. It has also been shown that when your body moves, your mind stays active, increasing alertness and productivity.


CoreWerks believes in creating jobs for the local economy!

The CoreWerks Endeavor is manufactured with pride in the Pacific Northwest, with only the highest quality materials.


IMPORTANT:This chair is a therapeutic exercise device. You exercise your core muscles the entire time you sit and therefore can expect to experience some initial soreness in your lower abdominal and lower back areas. This soreness disappears, typically within 3-4 days, as your core muscles strengthen.




  • Polished aluminum base and frame
  • Adjustable height, seat depth, arm height and lumbar support
  • Adjustable tilt resistance
  • Pressure gauge to properly set the tilt resistance
  • Cut-away backrest allows shoulders to open back to encourage proper posture
  • Mobile seating platform eliminates uncomfortable pressure points
  • Black universal casters, safe on hard wood floors and works on carpet
  • Breathable, fully sanitizable, medical grade, biodegradable Ultraleather Brisa leatherette
  • Stable 5-star base
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Articulating 5-way adjustable armrests
  • Minimal tool-less assembly required
  • Assembly instructions included and available as video on www.corewerks.com
  • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA
  • 3-year warranty




Seat Specifications:

Side to side-19"

Front to back-16.5"


Armrest Specifications:

-Inside width- 17.5-20"

Floor to top of seat 20-24" (standard piston)


Back Specifications:

Bakrest cushion size 12"x17"



Color: Black seat and backrest

250 lb. weight capacity (higher load capacity available)

For indoor use only


Fire retardant to meet all Cal-117 requirements

Meets or exceeds all U.S. office furniture industry standards (ANSI/BIFMA) for safety, durability, and structural adequacy